Home Improvement

Fixing up a 1986 Traditional Two-Story One Project at a Time




With a budget of $50, I got rid of our 1980s countertops through paint, some elbow grease, and a fair amount of swearing.

***Before you go buy paint supplies, read my follow up on painting a counter.***


We live in a 1980s house. The typical two-story, traditional, neighborhood box house and we love it. I have yet to find blogs or Pinterest inspiration on updated to our kind of house so it’s my duty and obligation to help all of us. You’re welcome. Learn more…


When we redid the entry, the ceiling had to also be patched. The ceiling is just as old as the house built in 1986. I haven’t painted that ceiling in the ten years we’ve been there. Children live in this house. See where…


Once we had all the tools gathered, it went fast. And by gathered I mean lots of friends went without saws for a while. Read more..


Leveling a Floor

Damn kid. We’re prepping for new flooring in the kitchen and she walked through this stuff that looks, acts, and smells like cement. Read more…