Gardening in Zone 4

I love playing in the yard. I do best with perennials, as I tend to kill anything named ‘annual,’ ‘houseplant,’ or ‘succulent.’

The daisies are blooming! The daisies are ready!

Mid- to late-June we had a hail storm rip through all my hosta gardens. I am saddened and feel their pain!

Mid-June: Hosta are huge. They are large and in charge. They are continuing to amaze me every time I walk outside.


Mid-May: Hosta are loving the spring rains and warmer sun!

Mid-May: These striped tulips are in full bloom! The animals appear to prefer the tasted of solid red tulips over stripes. 

Mid-April: My daffodils planted last fall are a site in the brownness of the rest of the yard this time of year. 

August: Hosta flowers are so dainty-looking compared to the indestructable-ness of the rest of the plant. New word. Indestructable-ness.