Dance Mom

Yes I am. But not that kind.


So Be It: The Dismantling of the Innocent Recreational Dance Audience…and Grandma

The chances of me ever being invited back to sit in the audience at a recreational dance recital is slim. Of course, this isn’t the official word from my daughter’s dance studio but based on how darling daughter reacted I’m certainly banned.

Here’s the thing…Read on.

Mother-Daughter Dance, Year Three, Day Three

Everyone who has survived two seasons of mother-daughter dance raise your hand if you’re able.

I’ll wait.


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The Ripple Effect
We missed mother-daughter dance class the previous week. Coach taught the group more steps when we were gone so when class started, daughter and I were lost.
“Just do what you know,” said Coach, in an attempt to get us up to speed. Little did she know I did do what I know and damn I rocked it.
We’re dancin’.  Read more…

THIS in the Audience

Tonight was our last practice. We were greeted by an officer taking notes from a child and basically quite freaked at what was happening and why it was right inside the dance studio doors. Read more…

Dancing Queen

We have recitals coming up. I have not kicked anyone mid-cartwheel. She was to crawl through my legs and *pop* up as I lifted her. Didn’t go as planned. Read more…

The Cartwheel.

So last week we were waiting for coach to get the next section worked out in her head and moms are chatting it up. Coach asks, “anyone do cartwheels?” Read more…

Year One, Day Four: The Boob Bump

I’m improving. Coach says. Actually, no, it’s just that daughter is learning to get out of the way. I only stepped on her teeny little pinky toe once last night. She said it didn’t hurt… That other mom, the one in front of me…she can sway her hips when we do that step-turn-pivot-something. When I … Continue reading

Year One, Day One: Mother-Daughter Dance

Daughter jumped in jubilation when I suggested my feet were healthy enough to try dance class. It started tonight and following my first-ever dance class I think it might be worth blogging. Here goes. First-hand experience, first-time dancer.Walk in with 7 other moms and various aged daughters. Shortest person there is 2. I envy her perfected … Continue reading