Making stuff in my free time is my past time.

DIY Modern Outdoor Patio Chair

There’s more coming where this came from.

DIY Hanging Light Ball
I don’t know if this looks cool or not. My next back yard party attendees will decide for me I guess. I hit the dollar store and found these hanging wire baskets.


Painted Flower Pots Craft

Darling daughter’s birthday was last week and we needed an easy craft to add to the festivities. This was super easy and the girls loved it. We cut up a box as our drop cloth and said a little prayer to the flooring gods…

Protein-Packed Smoothie

I like to eat and I like healthy stuff and I like when healthy stuff that I can eat makes me feel full. Got that?

Basil Pesto To Drool For

Sew What.

As the final f-bomb leaves my mouth, husband calmly asks where my wine glass is.

“I did this sober.”

“Maybe that’s your problem.” Read more…