Here's the thing. Seriously. Here's the thing. This is a personal blog. I don't lay claim to collecting large sums of money pouring in because of my writing about the crazy shit that happens in my world. I get that. I think that you - by being here now - get that, too. According to … Continue reading Mid-Forties

Spilled Milk

Husband is gone for the evening. Fridge, cupboards, and stomachs are empty. So I load the kids into the family truckster (minus the wood paneling but otherwise very close to Clark Griswald) and we head to the store (rhymes with barget). It's about the moment we reach for the cart that things go terribly wrong. … Continue reading Spilled Milk

Price Tag Adhesive

I still try to figure out why certain unimportant objects trigger something I want to blog. But here I am beginning a blog on price tag adhesive.Per previous blog postings, you know our household is gluten free. All baking (the three times I've done it the past 12 months mind you) has been done with … Continue reading Price Tag Adhesive