The Bench – A Completed Dream

The bench is finally complete and I'm in love! Following my previous posts on its process, the board and batten wall went very fast and without much drama. Here's a pictorial sequence of events: And the end result? Entryway bench perfection!

Power-Packed Smoothie

You're not gonna believe it. It's so good. I did a ten week cleanse a year ago and a full elimination diet six months ago in attempts at figuring out why my colon was so angry. The cleanse was done following advice, instruction and recipe goodness from a certified holistic health coach. She taught me … Continue reading Power-Packed Smoothie

Sew What.

As the final f-bomb leaves my mouth, husband calmly asks where my wine glass is. "I did this sober." "Maybe that's your problem." So. Sew. Mom took me shopping for my birthday and bought me the Singer "Simple" sewing machine. Bottom rung on the model pole, very basic, very cheap, and then on sale. She … Continue reading Sew What.