I’m one of those people who find something to throw passion at for a while and then figure out something else to be passionately excited about and then focus there. It should change by tomorrow.

24 Random Things About Me

  1. I love pizza and can’t have pizza. See #10.
  2. Fart jokes still are the funniest jokes. My brother may be the only other person who will laugh as much as me. Okay yeah…and my parents, too.
  3. I wish I could travel. I have so much to learn.
  4. I secretly wish to move super far away and open a bistro.
  5. I hate the R word.
  6. I hate disrespect.
  7. Don’t touch my feet. This is not a joke. I suffered with plantar fasciitis for eleven years, had three cortisone shots per foot, surgery for both, a boot, splints overnight for years, and no exercising through all of it. You touch my feet I kick your skull.
  8. Hypochondriac. Genetic.
  9. Claustrophobic. Acrophobic.
  10. I’m not afraid to talk about colons. Dare ya to ask my story!
  11. Lipstick allows me to peel sheets of skin off my lips. I have worn lipstick four times in my adult life and every time was for a dance recital for mother-daughter dance. Also, 12:
  12. I look like a clown when I try to do my eyebrows like the cool kids.
  13. I have a list ready for when I win the lottery. I pay bills then I donate then I play. That order.
  14. I want piano tuning to cost zero dollars. My piano is a 30-year old hand me down that has moved four times since its last tuning.
  15. Two truths and a lie: I’ve flown a plane, Pelé kissed me once, and I’ve always loved dogs.
  16. The tiger exhibit in any zoo frightens me. I hyperventilate. They will eat my kids and I will have to watch.
  17. Crying comes easily for good and for bad.
  18. I don’t really care what people think of me but if you wrong my people we should meet out back so I can introduce you to my mouth and my rage.
  19. I’m in mother-daughter dance but I cannot dance.
  20. Naps. Like lots of naps.
  21. #5 and #18 are the only way you could possibly offend me.
  22. I like to make lists. Most of the time the lists get buried in a pile of lists and then forgotten. Good times.
  23. My oldest child graduates high school in 2020 and it makes me tear up when I think about it.
  24. I prefer to laugh.