Floating Shelves and Breaking Bits

Darling daughter is a dancer. With dance comes trophies. A lot a lot of trophies.

And they all have to be on display.

We have a floating shelf in our family room that I like to dress up at Christmas and leave a mess the rest of the year. We decided to copy this shelf for the trophies.

Believe it or not, there was one ‘suitable for blogging’ moment right at the start and that’s it.

I managed to break the drill bit off while placing a screw. Like my own personal game of ‘never have I ever,’ this baffled me on how it can happen but as a reader of my blog, you do know it’s possible and probably only right here.

I digress.

This are the structure of each shelf. The longest 2×4 is what gets attached to the studs behind your Sheetrock. It is also at this point where family begins to argue about shelf placement, dresser centering, room cleanliness, dirty laundry stuffed in a closet, where exactly the damn studs are, and if our stud finder truly does work or if wants out of the bickering.

This gem is what the box looks like that slides into place once the structure is secure.

The box slides into place and we secured it with a couple screws at the back where they aren’t seen.

Things I learned from this project:

  1. Measure twice cut once.
  2. Measure again and cut again.
  3. Because you didn’t listen to yourself the first two times, change overall dimensions of the shelves.
  4. Ask her to cleaner her room before entering.
  5. Drill bits do break. Maybe only on my projects but I’ve seen it happen.