Air Nailing Art to a Trailer, Part One

Usually when I pull something like this – something that is very much my norm rather than the rare occurrence – my better half is not around to witness it. Tonight, though, I made sure to do something stupid while he watched. I’m so proud of me.

My original intent was for this to be a blog post on how to make a circle with what you have (exhibit A):

Because my perfect, traceable circle is an old lamp shade, I figured this could be an inspirational post on how to make due with what you have. Funny, yet real, but it still works.

Then I nailed the effing art to the trailer.

And THEN my husband walked in the garage.


Once extracted, I checked the nail gun and discovered I had 2″ nails loaded instead of 1.5″. So you, fine readers, should follow other blogs so you know what to include in your prep, like, I don’t know, maybe check supplies so you don’t attempt permanent artistic display on the work trailer.

Meantime, my lovely snapped a photo and promptly texted it to friends. I used grown up words.

Now I have an ample amount of wood glue drying with all my power tools and the swivel work stool sitting on top to ensure proper sticking. I’m sure by tomorrow evening the power tools will be stuck to the wood that is nailed to the trailer.

Finished product photos to follow I hope.

I don’t know if you’re here for tips and tricks on garage wood shop or not but I’m here to tell you you’re on the wrong blog. I just nailed my project to my leaf trailer.