Cake Pops Post Script

Lucky you I have photos and an update to the project that was once called ‘cake pops.’

We’ll start here:

Candy melts packaging have directions on them, did you know that? Okay fine, I didn’t. I threw the entire bag in a bowl and heated it up full power for 2 minutes. Came out clumpy like above. Turns out you can overheat this sh*t making it look like this and not smoothly pour off the spoon.

Instead of immersing the balls in the liquid form of candy melts, I had to spoon the goop around now crumbling globs of cake. This one is the worst one but he’s staying with his friends on the platter. He’s a story-teller.

This little fella just kind of erupted out one side. I sprinkled him with love anyway because it’s what’s on the inside that counts…wait…his insides are outside, too…

Okay maybe this is the ugliest one. Bonus points for getting candy melt up the stick!

Darling daughter looked at the finished (?) product and said that one guy laying down looks like he just gave up.

Then this morning, after I’ve had time to calm down from this fiasco, my lovely daughter reminded me these are cake pops which should be essentially upside down from how I have them…making the sticks useless.

Again, this is not a baking blog so I’m not sure why you’re here for tips and tricks.